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Welcome to shopping at our store. we accept Visa Card,Master Card,Western Union - Safe and Easy! Try Now! We are reliable products supplier, if you have any question when you shopping on our store.
Pls feel free to contact us:

Email: yanggaviner@hotmail.com

Whatsapp:+86 18250533880
Western Union Website: https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/home.html

online pay link: https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/send-money/start.html

Note: when you are sending the payment online, please send the money in minutes service.

For our company Western Union information, you can contact our sales manager via email to get it: yanggaviner@hotmail.com

After you complete the payment via Western Union, please send the following payment information to us:

(1)MTCN Number: money transfer control number with 10 digits

(2)Sender's Full Name (first name and last name)

(3)Order number you paid for

(4)Shipping address for your order


My Western Union account:                                      
First Name:yong                                                 
Last Name: yang
Zip Code: 351100 
City: Putian 
Province: Fujian 
Country: China

Once you sent us these payment information, we will check your payment and arrange your delivery time within 24 hours and offer you the tracking number asap. Thanks!